Logistic solutions for human milk in the NICU

The NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) aims to provide preterm infants with a high dose of their own mother’s milk. To preserve the quantity and quality of the human milk, the NICU must optimise the entire pathway. When an infant is not feeding at the breast, it is important that the principal goal be to help them receive the benefits of human milk.Medela has taken into consideration the potential risks and logistical challenges that NICUs face and gives NICU professional caregivers an overview of evidence-based logistical procedures for handling human milk in the NICU, and of how Medela’s solutions can support and help to standardise this human milk pathway.

Passionate about human milk

Medela mother holding her baby

Science and practitioners agree that human milk is the best nutritional source for infant growth and development, and breastfeeding is the most natural and safe way to provide it. More…