NICU education

Medela works together with experts around the world to overcome and remove the barriers to the use of human milk and breastfeeding in the neonatal care unit. As well as providing direct support to various research projects, Medela summarises existing knowledge and disseminates it through different materials, channels and events.

"Research review"

Medela has carried out comprehensive examination of published literature. The resulting reviews highlight up-to-date and evidence-based

  • methods to support human milk feeding and breastfeeding in the NICU.
  • procedures to support the development of comprehensive and standardized logistical processes for human milk handling in the NICU.
  • measures to support safe and hygienic human milk management in the NICU.

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Study abstract papers

The study abstract papers provide the scientific and clinical context to specific process and product innovations. By summarising, analysing and explaining clinical research, they help to set the right expectations when implementing a new procedure or technology.

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normal breastfeeding

Infographics allow readers to rapidly grasp the essential information by explaining complex concepts using graphics. Visual representations of data sets and instructive materials are a quick way for audiences of all levels to learn about topics such as breastfeeding behaviour.

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Posters and DVDs

Medela supports numerous research projects. Posters and DVDs highlight the most significant outcomes of these projects, including the science of infant sucking and breast milk removal.

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NICU knowledge transfer events

Medela organises a variety of symposia on different topics around human milk and preterm infants as regional stand-alone events or as part of national conferences.

Medela’s most important event is the annual International Breastfeeding and Lactation Symposium. Through this symposium, Medela makes knowledge directly accessible to practitioners including neonatal doctors and nurses. The Symposium is a platform for internationally renowned researchers to provide insights into their current research findings in three key areas:

  • the latest recommendations for research-based practice
  • the unique components of human milk
  • the value of human milk in the NICU

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