Overview: Medela's solutions for NICU

Medela understands the difficulties inherent in providing human milk in the NICU. There are challenges for mom to achieve an adequate milk supply, and for the preterm infant to ingest the milk. In addition, there are hygiene and logistical issues when meeting these challenges.

Scientific research

Medela aims for excellence in scientific research – an attitude that has enabled the company to develop advanced breast pumping and human milk feeding technologies, even for difficult situations such as premature birth. Medela works with experienced medical professionals and seeks collaboration with universities, hospitals and research institutions worldwide.


Helping mothers to express milk is Medela’s core competency. This includes the careful and hygienic collection of breast milk in BPA-free containers. Easy solutions for storage, transport, warming and thawing - all help to safely manage precious human milk. And to ensure that infants benefit from human milk, Medela has developed a range of innovative products for different feeding situations.

Education for NICU professionals

At Medela, research and education are closely linked. Medela connects clinicians and educators in ways that lead to professional growth, exchange of knowledge and interaction with the broader scientific community.