Resources for a successful transition from hospital to home

Healthcare professionals play a specific and important role in supporting mothers and infants to breastfeed. Appropriate evidence-based information and support, as well as the right pumping technology, when appropriate, enables mothers to make the transition from hospital to home a seamless one, and can make a vast difference in lactation outcomes.

We strive to empower healthcare professionals and mothers through knowledge – especially in times like these. In this section you will find our latest educational materials about lactation and breastfeeding in times of COVID-19 to support healthcare professionals and mothers and ensure a successful transition from hospital to home.

Breastfeeding support, from hospital to home

Some mothers find breastfeeding easy and uncomplicated, while others may find it more challenging. To choose the correct pumping technology to support breastfeeding, it is key to not only take the mother's specific lactation needs into account, but also what stage of the lactation journey that she is at. 

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Donna Geddes, Professor of Human Lactation at the University of Western Australia, Perth A birth itself can be overwhelming, and during COVID-19 even more so. A shorter length of stay after birth means that lactation problems manifest themselves at home. The entire medical community needs to work jointly to help mothers establish an adequate milk supply from day one.

Empowering mothers with a video series providing lactation support

COVID-19 has had, and continues to bear, a significant impact on the maternity system. Maternity and NICU healthcare professionals have reported major changes in clinical practice and a reduction in midwifery and lactation staff. Antenatal visits are being shortened, discharges home from hospital after birth are being encouraged earlier, and postnatal home visits are occurring less frequently; leaving a potential gap in the information women are able to currently receive about breastfeeding and lactation.

This series of lactation videos are designed to empower healthcare professionals, pregnant women and new mothers by providing information, preparation and guidance for the most frequently encountered breastfeeding issues in the first days and weeks. We hope that by providing fun and informative, evidence-based information we can support new mothers to breastfeed successfully, achieve adequate milk supplies and lay the foundation for confident long-term breastfeeding.

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COVID-19 and breastfeeding information for mothers

To provide mothers and mothers-to-be with the latest and most credible information regarding COVID-19 and breastfeeding, as well as human milk, safety and health, Medela has compiled related articles on this topic and a collection of answers to questions that parents may be seeking. These answers have been collated from reliable sources to provide you with useful information and are updated as new information becomes available.

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Ann Yates, Lead Midwife Advisor at International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), Regentessekwartier, South Holland Province, Netherlands During COVID-19, many new mothers were sent home from the hospital within hours of giving birth, without the necessary community and midwifery support to initiate breastfeeding. Difficulties in obtaining support can cause great stress for new mothers, and can result in many weaning rapidly.
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