Hands-free Collection Cups Breast Shields

Hands-free Breast Shields provide comfortable, efficient pumping. Featuring a 105-degree angle and flared rim, these innovative breast shields have a smooth design that helps avoid breast compression, resulting in a clinically proven increase in milk output¹.

Compatible with Medela's standalone Hands-free Collection Cups. If you previously purchased the Freestyle™ Hands-free Breast Pump, please contact Customer Service for replacement breast shields. 

At a glance

  • 105° opening angle is designed to reduce pressure on the breast to optimize comfort.
  • More Comfort: The broader lower half supports important milk-making tissues in the breast.
  • Safe for mom and baby: Made of food-grade plastic; made without BPA, natural rubber latex, and phthalates.
  • Compatible with all Medela Breast Pumps featuring the Hands-free Collection Cups
  • Available in Four Sizes: 21 mm, 24 mm and 27 mm


Please note – the Hands-free breast shields are not compatible with Medela’s PersonalFit Flex™ pump sets parts.

Mum with carrying baby and grabbing a snack while using Freestyle hands-free electric pump
Product description
What's included

Authentic Medela Pump Accessories: Medela offers three sizes of replacement breast shields tested and designed to work with your Medela Hands-free Collection Cups that are now available with FreestyleTM Hands-free breast pump.

Be sure to examine your pump parts regularly, if you notice damage or extensive wear replace immediately.  Medela recommends replacing your membranes every 3 – 6 months, depending on your pumping frequency.

IMPORTANT: Ensure to purchase and use pump parts or accessories that are designed for your specific breast pump. Use of non-Medela parts may cause irreversible damage to the product. For that reason, only use the accessories that came with, or are identified by Medela to work with, your specific breast pump model.

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(2) Hands-free Collection Cups Breast Shields ​​​​​​(choose size)
(Membranes and O-Rings Sold Separately)

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