Symphony® Breast Pump & Breast Milk Initiation Support

Symphony® Breast Pump & Breast Milk Initiation Support

Mom breastfeeding her baby with a Medela Symphony breast pump and kit on a table.

Research shows that frequent skin to skin contact and beginning breastfeeding within the first hour after birth – commonly referred to as the “golden hour” – helps set moms and their newborns up for long-term breastfeeding. This is because babies who have skin to skin contact following delivery often:

  • Have less difficulty latching
  • Are able to begin nursing sooner
  • Can breastfeed more effectively
  • Continue nursing for an average of 6 weeks longer!
Mom holding newborn baby skin to skin on her chest

If you’re unable to begin breastfeeding right away or if your baby has trouble latching, it’s important to stimulate breast milk production and expression through pumping so you can still begin building your milk supply, feed your baby, and meet your unique breastfeeding goals. Your healthcare provider may have provided you with a Symphony PLUS® Breast Pump during your hospital stay or may recommend renting one after leaving the hospital.

Getting Started

To help you become a pumping pro, here are some helpful tools on how to use and clean the Symphony PLUS breast pump.

Helpful Videos

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