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Vacuum Assisted Delivery reusable Suction Cups

A large choice of reusable suction cups completes the Medela Vacuum Assisted Delivery System.

Reusable Suction Cups

Reusable Suction Cups

Medela offers classic cups, proven effective for decades, as well as specially designed vacuum cups to cater for all possible fetal positions and physicians’ requirements.

Malmström Cups

The Malmström Cups’ design allows for a good seal to help minimise pop-offs. This type of VAD cup is used when the fetus is in the occipito-anterior position. Made of autoclavable stainless steel, it comes in diameters of 40, 50 and 60mm.

Bird Cups

The Bird Cup is the most widely sold type of suction cup. It is based on the design of the Malmström Cup, with separate suction and traction ports. Made of autoclavable stainless steel, it comes in diameters of 40, 50 and 60mm.

Bird Posterior Cups

Especially designed for the occipito-posterior fetal position, the vacuum port is positioned on the side of this suction cup. This, together with its low profile, ensures easier insertion. Autoclavable stainless steel, 50mm in size.

Silc Cups

This medical-grade silicone cup attaches gently to the fetal scalp. Its one-piece design for easy handling and its smooth surface with a longitudinal ridge make it possible to observe rotation. The reusable silicone suction cups are autoclavable and come in 50 and 60mm sizes

CaesAid Cups for caesarean sections

The CaesAid cup offers gentle support for delivery during caesarean sections. The use of the CaesAid may allow for a smaller incision with less blood loss. Plus, it can be attached to the pump used for suctioning during the operation. The CaesAid is made of medical-grade silicone, is autoclavable and is 60mm in size.

Manual Vacuum Extractor Pump

The Medela Manual Vacuum Extractor Pump provides support whenever the birth process requires vacuum assistance and no reliable power source is available. This long-lasting pump is well proven and appreciated all over the world.

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