Invia Liberty and Invia Motion Accessories

Medela offers a full range of accessories for its NPWT solutions Invia Liberty and Invia Motion.

Invia Liberty


Canisters for Invia Liberty

  • Two available sizes (300ml and 800ml) for maximum flexibility.
  • Built-in bacteria filter.
  • Self-sealing filter protects from liquids.
  • Built-in solidifier for convenient

Double-lumen tubing for Invia Liberty

  • Double lumen tubing for active exudate management and pressure control.
  • Tubing with Quick-connector for easy and secure attachment.

Carrying Bag for Invia Liberty

  • Designed for discreet and convenient pump transportation.
  • Easy opening for canister changes.
  • Accessible display even when the bag is closed.

Power Supply for Invia Liberty

  • Replacement available separately.
  • Only use Medela provided power supply with Invia Liberty devices.

Docking Station for Invia Liberty

  • Convenient placement and removal for easy pump charging.
  • Can be placed on level surface or clamped to a rail.
Invia Motion

Canister/Tubing Set 0.15 l for Invia Motion

  • Disposable canister/tubing Set.
  • Available size: 150ml.
  • Sterile, for single use.

Carrying Case for Invia Motion

  • The Invia Motion System is intended to be worn in the carrying case during operation.
  • The carrying case is provided with the Invia Motion System.
  • Shoulder/belt strap included.

Power Supply for Invia Motion

  • Power supply provided in the Invia Motion starter kit; replacement available separately.
  • Only use Medela provided power supply with Invia Motion devices.
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