Reusable Collection System

The Medela Reusable Collection System is made of durable, autoclavable, high-quality components.

Simple and durable

The Medela Reusable Collection System consists of autoclavable suction jars and lids with built-in overflow protection. All four jar sizes (one, two, three and five litres) have the same lid size to make handling easy and to reduce logistics.

The system is meant for flexible use: choose between the complete system or specific components and ancillary accessories, Medela can help to select the right products.


Benefits of Reusable Collection System

Medela’s Reusable Collection System consists of multiple components and accessories. It is easy to use, easy to set up and hygienic.

Tubing is quickly connected, thanks to distinct vacuum and patient ports.

The system comes with built-in mechanical overflow protection and easy-to-read graduated markings.

  • Quick to connect components make the system ready to use in seconds
  • The hygienic design of the jars and the one-piece lid construction reduce the time needed for pre- and post-cleaning
  • Easy-to-read graduated markings let you see the volume of fluid suctioned at a glance
  • No need to worry about overflow, thanks to built-in overflow protection

Jars made of high-grade, unbreakable polysulfone

One-piece lid design

Polysulfone jars are suitable for all normal disinfection and sterilisation processes. They are compatible with Medela's hospital suction pumps and can be attached to all standard rails with clamp holders.

Easy-to-read graduated markings indicate fluid volume.

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