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PersonalFit Flex™ Double Pumping Kit For Freestyle™, Swing Maxi™, Duo

Our breast pump kit has everything you need to go with your Medela Freestyle, Swing Maxi, or Duo breast pump. Get Medela’s classic pumping accessories, including breast shields, connectors, and breastmilk storage bottles with stands and lids, plus extra tubing all in one convenient kit.

Product Description
What's Included

Classic Pumping Kit: Whether transitioning from hands-free, replacing your pumping set, or acquiring a spare set, this kit is designed to meet your needs seamlessly.

Personalized Pumping: Thanks to Flex™ technology, easily adjust the breast shield position, latch, and fit to maximize comfort and milk flow. Ideal for hands-on pumping, especially if you're giving your breasts a gentle massage while pumping.

Pump & Store Directly in Bottles: Simplify your pumping routine, minimize transfers, and store with ease. Our kit includes bottle stands to prevent spills and lids for secure storage in the fridge.

Clinically Proven Efficiency: Express 11.8% more milk with Medela's Flex Technology. Patented 105-degree PersonalFit Flex shields enhance milk flow (vs. 90-degree shields). Soft rim, oval shape for custom comfort. Kit includes 21mm and 24mm sizes for your convenience.

Compatible With:  This Pumping Kit is designed to work seamlessly with Medela Freestyle, Swing Maxi or Duo breast pumps. No matter which of these pumps use, this kit is your perfect companion for the classic way of pumping.

(2) PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields 21mm
(2) PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields 24mm
(2) PersonalFit Flex Connector with membrane
(2) Breastmilk Storage Bottles
(2) Bottle Lids
(2) Bottle Stand
(1) Tubing (Duo/Swing Maxi/Freestyle)
(1) IFU

Pump not included