PersonalFit Flex™ Connectors for Pump In Style® with MaxFlow™, Freestyle Flex™, Swing Maxi™, and Solo™ Find a store

PersonalFit Flex™ Connectors for Pump In Style® with MaxFlow™, Freestyle Flex™, Swing Maxi™, and Solo™

With the PersonalFit Flex Connector, you can pump in a more reclined and comfortable position. Medela Flex™ technology is a whole new pumping experience, personalized to you. 

Exclusively for use with Medela’s Pump In Style with MaxFlow, Freestyle Flex, Swing Maxi, and Solo.

Use of pump parts or accessories not designed for your specific breast pump may cause irreversible damage to the product. For that reason, only use the accessories that came with, or are identified by Medela to work with, your specific breast pump model.

At a glance

  • Designed & Tested: Works with Medela’s Pump in Style with MaxFlow, Freestyle Flex, Swing Maxi, and Solo Breast Pumps.
  • Closed System: Prevents milk from overflowing into the tubing and motor
  • Comfortable design: Pump in a more reclined and comfortable positioning
  • Medela Authentic Spare Parts: Quality and performance you can trust: Have an extra set for work or travel, or a replacement for lost or damaged
  • Thoughtful design: Makes it easy to assemble and clean connectors
  • Customized for you: Works with all PersonalFit Breast Shields and sizes, including the PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields.
  • Made without BPA: Safe for you and baby
  • Please note – the PersonalFit Flex Connectors are not compatible with prior Pump in Style models, Advanced Personal Double Pump, Freestyle, Sonata or Swing Single-Electric breast pumps.

Medela breast pumps compatible with the white PersonalFit connector
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Medela Authentic Pump Accessories: Only Medela offers replacement connectors tested and designed to work with your Pump in Style with MaxFlow, FreestyleFlex, and Swing Maxi Breast Pumps.  One complete connector set comes in each retail package.

(2) PersonalFit Flex™ Connectors
(2) Membranes

  • Unit size/package: 5.44” x 5.28” x 2.40”
  • Weight  231g (.231Kg)
  • Warranty: For hygienic reasons, cannot be returned to store once opened. Kit components are warranted for 90 days from date of purchase. Please contact Medela Customer Service for warranty replacement.
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