Waterless Milk Warmer

Medela's Waterless Milk Warmer is a waterless warming and thawing device that optimises and standardises best human milk practices. It can be placed on an IV pole beside each NICU bed or on a worktop for preparing feeds. The Waterless Milk Warmer is designed for a hospital environment and operates by circulating heated air in an enclosed chamber.

Warming and thawing breast milk with Medela's Waterless Milk Warmer

Designed for individual care in the NICU, the Waterless Milk Warmer (WMW) is a waterless warming and thawing device that helps to optimise and standardise best human milk practices. The WMW aims to maintain the integrity of human milk by warming it to temperatures consistent with expressed breast milk and not exposing it to high heat or water-borne pathogens. The disposable insert hygienically holds a bottle or syringe in place.

Developed as a single bedside unit, the WMW can be placed on an IV pole beside each NICU bed or on a worktop for preparing feeds. This minimises the risk of mix-ups. Since it is easy to handle, it can be operated by parents, thus supporting family-integrated care and flexible feed preparation times.

Medela Calesca warming and thawing device in hospital

Benefits of Medela's Waterless Milk Warmer

The Waterless Milk Warmer helps to maintain the optimal integrity of human milk and to provide a safe, hygienic and standardised method for preparing feeds.

With the Waterless Milk Warmer, milk can be heated up from three different starting temperatures: room, refrigerator or freezer temperature. Frozen milk can be thawed quickly to refrigerator temperature so it can then be portioned and used throughout the day.

It accommodates all Medela bottles and most containers up to 250ml, as well as syringes from 1ml to 60ml. The Waterless Milk Warmer keeps milk warm for up to 30 minutes after the completion of a warming cycle without compromising milk integrity.

By circulating warm air in an enclosed chamber, the Waterless Milk Warmer eliminates the risk of contamination through contact with water.

  • Gentle warming process helps preserve nutrients
  • Supports family-integrated care
  • Flexible feeding preparation times
  • Eliminates contamination risk associated with warming in water
  • Minimises risk of mix-ups
  • Time-saving and hygienic
  • Convenient, quiet, and easy to use
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