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Sterile, Single-Use Symphony Pumping Kits

The Sterile, Single-Use, Disposable Symphony Pumping Kit can be used straight out of the packaging, without requiring cleaning prior to first use. It is available in two models. The pumping kits are designed for use with Medela's hospital-grade Symphony breast pump.

For the most vulnerable patients: Sterile, Single-Use, Disposable Pumping Kit

The EO-sterile, single-use, disposable, pumping kits are an integral part of Medela’s professional breast pump system. These disposable pumping kits are designed for one-time use with the Symphony hospital-grade breast pump. To express more milk in less time, two pump sets for double-pumping can be used.

Medela disposable pump set in package

Features of the sterile, single-use, disposable pump kits for hospital use

To satisfy moms’ individual needs, Medela offers two models of sterile, single-use pumping kits to best suit each hospital and patients needs:

Available Now:

Item #'s: 0080292 and 27098S 

All-In-One Sterile, Single-Use, Single-Pumping Kits

Pre-assembled to maximize safety, each kit includes:

·24mm Breast Shield (most popular size)

·PersonalFit Connector

·Valve & Membrane

·Tubing, Membrane & Cap

·150ml Container + Lid


Available 2017*:

Sterile, Single-Use, Single-pumping Kit

Each kit includes:

  • PersonalFit breastshield (3 sizes available)
  • Connector & valve
  • Tubing
  • Membrane & cap

To use:

1. Choose a Breast Shield size: M (24mm), L (27mm) or XL (30mm)

(includes PersonalFit Connector & Valve, Tubing, Membrane & Cap)

2. Choose a Bottle size

3. Attach bottle to kit

*These kits have not yet been licensed in accordance with Canadian law and their sale will be pending licensing/approval by Health Canada

  • Sterile, single-use for ultimate hygience and safety for the most vulnerable patient populations
  • Saves time and is cost-effective
  • Modular kits can be used with any Medela breast milk bottle
  • Using a breast shield of the correct size supports an optimal pumping result
  • Combine two kits for the benefits of double-pumping
  • All parts that come into contact with breast milk are BPA and phthalate free.
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