Length-of-Stay Symphony Pumping Kits

Medela's reusable, single-user hospital pumping kits are designed for repeated use with cleaning instructions. These Symphony pumping kits are available by cases, exclusively for hospitals, and arrive Sterile. Two Length-of-Stay Kit models are available: Symphony Double-Pumping Breast Milk Initiation Kit and a Symphony Single-Pumping Kit

Length-Of-Stay Symphony Pumping Kits

It is Medela's goal to provide NICU solution offerings which will cover the needs of each hospital and their individual infection control practices. These convenient Length-of-Stay Pumping Kits are an integral part of the complete Medela human milk expression, storage, preparation and feeding system.  

All Symphony pumping kits are designed for single-users.

Medela Symphony professional breastshield

Length-Of-Stay Double Symphony Breast Milk Initation Kit

Item# 67350S

Medela Symphony Breast Milk Initiation Double Kit Image

This kit includes everything moms need for expressing and storing breast milk. Each Sterile kit includes:

·2x PersonalFit Connectors

·2x 35ml Containers + Lids

·2x 80ml Containers + Lids

·2x 24mm Breast Shields

·2x 27mm Breast Shields

·2x Valves, Tubing, Membranes & Caps

·4x Membranes (white)

Single Symphony Length-Of-Stay Pumping Kit

Item # 67026S

Medela single reusable pump sets from Symphony

Each Sterile, Single-Pumping Kit includes:

·24mm Breast Shield (most popular size)

·PersonalFit Connector

·Valve & Membrane

·Tubing, Symphony Membrane & Cap

·150ml Container + Lid

Two single-pumping kits can be combined for double-pumping

Benefits of Length-Of-Stay Symphony Pumping Kits

Both pumping kits arrive Sterile and all parts that come into contact with breast milk are made of tested food-grade materials.

Optional PersonalFit breast shields are available in five sizes:

S (21mm), M (24mm), L (27mm), XL (30mm) or XXL (36mm).

Benefits of the Double Symphony Breast Milk Initiation Kit:

  • Two sets of PersonalFit breastshield sizes (24 mm and 27 mm): For greater flexibility and comfort during the various stages of nursing
  • 35 ml colostrum containers feature a curved bottom: To help minimize loss of colostrum during transfer to a syringe. Ideal for capturing first initial expression.
  • 80 ml collection containers: Ideal for use throughout the pumping experience
  • All parts that touch breastmilk are made without BPA: Safe for mom and your baby
  • Time-saving thanks to double pumping
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