Calma by Medela - the unique breastmilk feeding solution

Medela stands for innovative, research-based breastfeeding products. Its comprehensive product range includes Calma, the feeding solution that has been specially designed for feeding babies with breastmilk. Babies drink from Calma in a similar way that they drink from the breast, which makes changing from breast to bottle and back very natural.

Medela places great importance on the role of research. Calma, the innovative breastmilk feeding solution, is based on research conducted at the University of Western Australia, which investigated the drinking actions of babies. Importantly, these studies provided tremendous insight to the way babies feed at the breast and highlighted the important role that vacuum plays in this process.

Calma: the right solution for breastfeeding mothers

While the milk flows of its own accord from a conventional teat, forcing the baby to change the way it feeds, the new Calma feeding solution from Medela enables babies to maintain the drinking pattern they have learned on the breast: when drinking from Calma, babies have to create a vacuum so that the breastmilk can flow through the uniquely designed valve – just similar to breastfeeding. Babies can therefore maintain their natural rhythm even when drinking from a bottle and they can drink, swallow, breathe and pause regularly without having to remove Calma from their mouth. That is why the transition from the breast to Calma and back to the breast again is so natural and easy. A further advantage of Calma is that one size is suitable for the entire breastfeeding period. After all, the breast also remains the same size over the course of lactation.

Feeding babies with the Calma breastmilk feeding solution means that:

  • the baby can drink, swallow, breathe and pause at its own pace, just like when breastfeeding
  • the baby can switch naturally from Calma back to the breast and the mother and baby can continue to enjoy the close relationship that breastfeeding gives them
  • one size is suitable for the entire breastfeeding period. We recommend that after extended use Calma be replaced after 3 months.

The Calma breastmilk feeding solution is available with or without bottles from pharmacies and retailers specialising in baby products.

A broad range of high-quality products

Medela offers mothers a comprehensive range of high-quality breastfeeding products to help them care for their breasts, express milk and feed their babies breastmilk during the first few months after the birth. Medela's breastpumps use 2-Phase Expression developed by Medela to make expressing milk as comfortable as possible. This technology is based on the knowledge that babies first stimulate the breast with a fast sucking rhythm to get the milk flowing. Then when the milk is flowing, they switch to a slow, deep sucking rhythm. Medela's new electric double breastpump Swing maxi was developed to provide mothers with an easy, time-saving solution for expressing breastmilk. Research has shown that mothers obtain up to 18% more milk through double pumping. It increases breast drainage and stimulates milk production. In addition, the milk has a higher energy content.


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